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Cosag Marine Services ... different stories ...

Here we are publishing a different found and received stories concerning Cosag Marine Services and Decca Survey:

1. Story from Alan Woodrow (Woody)

I was employed by Cosag Marine from 1974 – 1979 after running away to sea, first two years on deck, last three years as engineer, all the info below is what I can remember during my trips on that particular vessel. Vessel in approximate order. I hope that this information below will be of interest to you.


Standby @ Transworld 58 up at the Argyle field. Captain during this time was from Lowestoft Micky Finn, Mate Tom Ellerby from Fleet Wood, CE Tony ? the Hatchet.


Survey the Figg pipeline prior to the pipe being laid. UK coast survey for IGS Institute of Geophysical Survey Edinburgh, in the summer months. Captain Donald Carmicheal & Tony Thompson & ? Walford, CE Bob Gilbraith & Norman Lispscum, 2nd E Ernie Wilcox & John Maddum,  Cook Frank Smith, Bosun Alan Abernethy & Irish Jim,  Stewardesses, Ann Shutter, Ann Hardesty, ? Julie Thompson, Michael Patterson.

Dave Banhan was lost at sea from the Sperus, we left Aberdeen, he was seen on Departure in the early hours, but never turned up for breakfast.


I can remember this vessel, but the only info I have about her is that she had a stone crushing machine installed to her main deck and shipped out somewhere to the middle east or Africa.

Akraborg: Survey buoy patterns for rig moves etc, plus air diving laying bitumen mattresses on over pipe lines for Shell southern sectors, Portugal for air gun & water gun survey trials. Captain Frank Banham plus Dick Jepson, CO Dave Banham, plus Alan White from North Shields CE Alex Gilbraith

Bembridge: Survey buoy patterns for rig moves, pipe line surveys etc. Captain Mike Davenport sometimes, Mate Bob ( the mad monk ) from Beccles I believe.  CE Jack Houy 2nd E Ernie  Wilcoxs

Jesmar: Survey buoy patterns for rig moves, pipe line surveys etc. Captain George & Tom Ellerby both from Fleetwood, CE Norman Lipscum, 2nd Ernie 

Hydrogale: Part of a delivery crew from Bordow to Sunderland, had the drilling Derek removed, believed to go on to do guard ship duties in the English Channel  through Trinity House. Something to do with laying a cross channel cable.

First from the left: Alan Woodrow (Woody) during his visit on Bembrigde in 2011

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