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THPV Kihna

She was for sure the most beautiful Pilot Cutter in Trinity House fleet. She was only one in the fleet in the time of Bembridge not originally built for Trinity House London.

Our great interest started from our famous movie dated 1966 filmed by Hugh Ferguson. On that movie Kihna is presented in action.

Here you can see than movie.

You can see over there her beauty. Why such beautiful vessel is forgotten in a dock in ...?

Now let us to present several nice pictures showing THPV Kihna when she was admired by her crew members ...

Not anymore a Trinity House Pilot Vessel - she looked like that in 1966 as a still beautiful private yacht

Out searching in the Internet leaded us to ABS Shipping in UK to Chris Tucker. We found some of  bellow mentioned pictures on his We were shocked - that is why we contacted Chris with many questions. After a nice e-mails exchange and very interesting phone calls we received one day a nice package from Chris - inside we found: his kind letter, several interested copies of bellow listed document and CD with all these nice but very sad pictures.

Nice letter from Chris

Full description of THPV Kihna

THPV Kihna - British Registry - left page

THPV Kihna - British Registry - right page

Article about MV Kihna dated 02.10.1975

MV Kihna berthed at the Roath Sea Lock early Sept 1983 still waiting for full refit and conversion at the channel dry-dock

MV Kihna - Vessel submerged, following theft of brass ballast/inlet valves

As above ...

MV Kihna - Views of yacht with lock drained

Sorry - but there is nothing to comment anymore

Thank you Chris for your great help.

We are presently looking for any additional data what finally happened with that beautiful vessel.

All pictures taken from many different web pages - sorry for not asking for downloading - but we hope nothing bad happened to group all of these pictures in one place.

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