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Linda Sutton - Bembridge 1972

Special Gallery of Linda Sutton made on board of our Old Lady many years ago ...

Linda Sutton in 1972



Both above photographs of Linda were made in her studio at the Royal College of Art,

London, in 1972.


She was just back from her Summer on MV Bembridge. On the wall, we can see the drawings what she gave to us.


All of bellow attached drawings are placed on a wall behind Linda on above picture

All of them are showing a particular crew members - we hope to find them and describe every drawing with a special comments - the time will bring more info about every one presented by Linda. 

All names and function given to us by former Captain of MV Bembridge - Iain Mathieson

(in black)

Under every drawing there is a Linda's description (in blue) made on the back of each one, some is a simply repetition of front description but some are her personal remarks:

Steve Smith, AB Deckhand
"You English girls are awfully white" Rangeroo Steve

Jim Cuddington, Cuddy the Cook
"She'll get the sack" Cuddy the Cook.
He burnt himself badly and was taken off by helicopter. Then I took over the working

Michael Davenport, Captain and co-owner of Cosag Marine Services
"If only I had caught him at in!" Michael Davenport
Partner in Cosag Marine and one of the three captains, while I was on the Bembridge in 1972.

Ernie Wilcox, Chief Engineer
"My cousin in Blythe is a real Lady and real ladies don't go with seamen."

Steve Ball, Decca Surveyor

Iain Mathieson, Captain
"Linda, when you have a moment, paint the ceiling black - it would make a great nightclub here."
Ono of the three captains, while I was on board the Bembridge in 1972


Just to compare - Iain Mathieson in 1972 on other vessel 


Mick Pope, Decca Engineer
"Where's young I weedle this morning?"

Paddy O'Driscoll, Ch.Mate
The laughing boy from Ireland

Name unknown, 2nd Engineer
"I still can't see it"

Unknown, Decca Surveyor
"You must never leave the wheel, especially with something as close as that."

Brian Campbell, Decca Surveyor
"Linda, ...... I'll gi y'a dictionary in Blythe."

Unknown name and function
"I'm gonna start at the bottom and work my way up to the top - the best way"

Dave Barnes, Decca Party Chief
"Don't draw me as you think I'd like to look, just because I didn't like the last one."

Julie Aussie, Stewardess when Linda was Cook
"Oh fantastic! Here is some bleach, so I can scrub the floor."
Of course Linda perfectly remember her nice summer on board of MV Bembridge and still today she is strongly related with our Old Lady Bembridge.

Linda Sutton in Leight on Sea in 2002 during her visit on Bembridge when vessel was owned by Essex Yacht Club.

Please visit official web page of Linda Sutton:

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