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We have several interesting things to be presented here:

1. First one, REAL HIT,  it is a beautiful gift from Graham Bowen - a member of our THPV Bembridge 1938 Restoration Team. It was a very valuable book for Graham - but he sent it to us with bellow attached letter:

Bellow you can see a beautiful book issued by Trinity House London showing a THV Patricia in 1947

2. Next think is a special advertising brochure issued by Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. in 1928. Really incredible booklet. You can read about a history of Smith's Dock, how looked that shipyard and about they working in 1928. Exciting, really.

You have this book here:

3. Smith's Dock Journal - it was a monthly magazine issued by Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. It is a "gold mine" of all useful info about a daily working of Smith's Dock. There is info about changes, new vessels during building and repairing, some interesting info about River Tyne area, always something about a Team of SD. As you see we are trying to collect them more and more. Maybe you can help us to get scans of other ones?

April 1924

October 1927

September 1929
Large souvenir issue - a really thick one.

January 1930

July 1931

October 1931

January 1932

4. Brochures issued by Smith's Dock Co. Ltd.

Ships & Men  1899 - 1949  - 50 years of Smiths Dock Co. Ltd.

Smith's Dock 1949

Smith's Dock 1950

Smith's Dock 1951

5. An Act of King Georgii III 1766

An Act of King Georgii III for taking down and removing certain Lighthouses now standing near the Spurn Point, at the Mouth of the Humber, and for erecting other fit and convenient Lighthouses instead thereof.

6. An Act of King Georgii III 1778

An Act of King Georgii III to enable the Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford Strond to establish and maintain a Light-house on the Rocks called The Smalls, in Saint Georges Channel

7. An Act of King Georgii III 1808

An Act of King Georgii III for better Regulation of Pilots, and of the Pilotage of Ships and Vessels navigating the British Seas dated 25th June 1808.

8. Memoir of the Origin and Incorporation of the Trinity House of Deptford Strond, London 1818.

In our opinion the best history of Trinity House ever written.

9. Trinity House on Tower Hill 1919

An article in two parts published in Country Life

10. Trinity House and its contribution to safety at sea

Published by British Railways London Lecture and Debating Society

Next things will be here quite soon!!!
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