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Here we are publishing a nice collection of post cards showing Bembridge. Most probably all these post cards are coming from a time when Bembridge was built in a Smith's Dock. Some of them are from a time when a brand new THPV Bembridge started to have a name of one of the most famous life boat station Bembridge.

First let's look at the history of Bembridge at

The history of Bembridge

First of let's find a Bembridge Village. It is on a Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight

Now we can see a Bembridge from far away ...

Left: Bembridge & St. Helen's Harbour from the Air     Right: Bembridge from Culver

A general view on Bembridge Village

Bembride - a composed view

Lifeboat Station and its life boat "Jesse Lumb"

Left: The Lifeboat Pier, Lane End     Right: Lifeboat Station

Left & right: Lifeboat Station - Lifeboat Jesse Lumb

Left & right: Lifeboat Station - Lifeboat Jesse Lumb

Sailing club and the harbour

Left & right: Harbour & sailing club

Left & right: Harbour

Left: Harbour from the Linchens

The beautiful sea side

Left & right: Whitecliff Bay

Left & right: Whitecliff Bay

Left & right: Whitecliff Bay

Left: Helen's Fort from Bembridge     Right: Path by the Shore

Left & right: Ducie Beach
Left & right: Ducie Beach

Left: The shore     Right: The Path by the shore & Bathing Beach

Left: The Putting Green, Lane End     Right: Bathing Huts, Lane End

Bathing Huts and Beach, Lane End

Some paths ...
Left: Love lane     Right: Path through Nowgate Chine

The Bembridge village

High Street

Left & right: Holy Trinity Church

The famous Pilot Boat Inn

Left & right: Pilot Boat Inn

Left & right: Pilot Boat Inn inside

Royal Shithead Hotel

Royal Shithead Hotel

A traditional Old Bembridge
Left & right: Thatched Cottage. Lane End

Left: Thatched Cottage. Lane End     Right: The windmill

After such a wide presentation of old Bembridge village everybody will give a question: how this village looks today?

We have a contact with one guy living in Bembridge. Mike Samuelson has already sent us a nice picture - Bembridge today - from an air. I hope quite soon we will present more pictures from Mike.

Bembridge village - present air view

Dear Mike - thank you!

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