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Museums & archives

Here you can find all museums and archives which helped us in restoration:

1. Museum Kirkleatham in Redcar, UK

We have here one real friend - Graham Bowen - he is a real fan of our THPV Bembridge and her restoration. He is working together with his colleague Fiona Messham. Their help is really a great valuable thing in our restoration. This museum is really deeply involved in our restoration.

One day he written to us:

"Bravo Rafal
You and your team must be very proud, thank you very much for saving this significant piece of Smith's Dock heritage"

Regards Graham"

So Dear Graham & Fiona, great thanks, Dear Museum Kirkleatham in Redcar - thank you too.

Here you can find them:

The most important and interesting part of their web site is a part dedicated to Smith's Dock - this museum has in own range of activity everything related to Smith's Dock and their history. Thats why they are the best address to develop any knowledge about a shipyard where our THPV Bembridge was built.

Here you can find a part dedicated to Smith's Dock.

One day we received from Kirkleatham Museum for several days a nice thing for replication. Original is back in the Museum. So we have already made several copies.

A real flag of Smith's Dock from 30' so for a time when our THPV Bembridge was launched.

We will hang up a copy of original flag on a rear mast just under an English flag. It will be just to remember a Smith's Dock Company Ltd. and the fact that our THPV Bembridge was built over there & of course in England.

On above pictures you can see from a left side: Marcin Figlak, Kamil Hajduk, Rafal Zahorski (Zahus) & Adrian Buraczynski. It is not a random selection of that flag holders. Adrian and Rafal were two times in UK to buy Bembridge, Kamil was with us in UK to prepare her for towing and finally all of us were towing her on a last part of her voyage from Swinoujscie to Szczecin in heavy ice conditions in Feb 2009.

2. Teesside Archives in Middlesbrough, UK

Here we would like to thank very much to Teesside Archives in Middlesbrough for a full support in searching of their archives. Especially we are sending our great thanks to Janet Baker. Janet heads up Teesside Archives in Middlesbrough, she and her colleagues have been very helpful with facilitating research for the Bembridge project. We have some details from Teesside Archives for the project web site, that we will publish quite soon.

Teesside Archives are here:
Here you have Middlesbrough City

3. City of London

We received a help from two different archives from London. First of all we have a nice contact in London with London Metropolitan Archives. We would like to thank very much to Wendy Hawke, a Senior Archivist. We contacted LMA in order to find some archives concerning Trinity House London. Wendy Hawke gave us a guiding light and explained how to not be blind in that archives.

You can find them here:

She leaded us to a Guildhall Library. They holds the records of the Corporation of Trinity House of London, especially a Trinity House Pilot committee minutes. During our searching Guildhall Library was closed due to a building works. So we get all files via LMA. Graham Bowen was visiting LMA and he wrote down many pilot committee minutes - what we placed in a history of THPV Bembridge.

You can find Guildhall Library here:

Guildhall Library

Here is the City of London

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