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THPV Bembride 1938 - 1972

Trinity House London was a first owner of THPV Bembridge - that's why she had TH before PV and full text of that abbreviation sounds Trinity House Pilot Vessel. It is not a part of her today name. We just use it only from historical view. She was built for Trinity House as a prototype vessel - a first motor pilot cutter. As a first pilot cutter she was equipped by two diesel engines from Polar Engines from Glasgow. Everything how she was looked in 1938 was agreed with Trinity House and made according their instructions and under their strict supervision. She was in service by near 35 years. She came into a service on September 1938 and she completed her mission in 1972 when she was sold to Cosag Marine Services Ltd., Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth. But all details you will find in her history on a main page.

Trinity House history is very long. There are not so many companies existing so long. Maybe only a few in the World. Thats why we would like to present it in original form mentioned on Trinity House web site:

Trinity House History

Today their activity is almost the same like in time when 17.07.1938 THPV Bembridege was lunched in Smith's Dock Company Ltd, South Bank in Middlesbrough area. But it is interesting to see it anyway

What they do today

Their first activity was always related with light houses - so here you can see a nice gallery


Today THPV Bembridge is under very heavy restoration proses. When she will look again like in 1938 than we will have a constant exhibition on board and on this web site dedicated to a history of Trinity House London related to their Pilot Service and to all pilots and seamen sailing anytime on our Bembridge. From the first day she had on her aft Bembridge London. Nobody never dare to change it - so after restoration she will have again the same Bembridge London - but not like today rusty steel letters. They will be like original made from messing. Even if today port of Bembridge is Szczecin we decided to leave London. English flag will be present all the time too on a rear mast. Today she is an English Old Lady based in Poland, Szczecin and that's why she must have a polish flag as the Owners are. She will be black with white belts, PILOTS and No 1 on her boards.  
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